Our Process

At Raugstad Inc., we’re here to simplify the building process through a system that works for you. Whether you’re looking for new construction or a renovation to your home, this should be a fun and happy experience for you and your family. We at Raugstad Inc. are proud to say that with every project we complete, we end up with not only happy clients, but also new friends.

Step 1: Hiring An Architect & Selecting A Property

The first step in the building process from Raugstad Inc. is hiring an architect. If you aren’t currently working with an architect, no problem! Our company works with a wide range of skilled architects, and we’re happy to refer them to you. We can also assist you during the architect interview process and help you make an informed decision about whom you would like to work with.

If you’re already working with an architect, great! Send us the plans and we will be happy to price out your project.

Do you need help finding a lot? Our team at Raugstad Inc. can help you with that, too. Shaun Raugstad is a top producing Licensed Realtor with Coldwell Banker. Using his experience and expertise, Shaun will help you to both find your dream location and sell your existing home.  For more information on Shaun visit www.shaunraugstad.com

Step 2: Pricing & Proposal

Once we receive your set of plans, we’ll begin obtaining prices for your project from our team of subcontractors. Both we at Raugstad Inc. and our subcontractors closely review your plans in order to spot any potential issues or concerns. This helps us to avoid unforeseen problems at a later date. After our subcontractors have submitted all prices, we’re ready to present your project proposal to you.

Step 3: Contract & Documentation

Once you select Raugstad Inc. as your builder, we’ll begin the process of drafting a contract. Our contracts always ensure complete fairness to all parties involved. Before we even think about taking the next step, we make sure that everyone involved in the contract is in complete agreement. After the contract process is complete, we’ll submit all proper documentation to the local village or city for building permit issuance. As soon as our building permit is ready, we’re cleared to begin construction on your home!

Step 4: Schedule of Selections

Before we begin construction, we provide you with a schedule of selections, in conjunction with dates by which each selection of materials should be made to avoid delays. The schedule of selections is intended to keep construction both on schedule and within your budget. We provide this schedule because we do not expect our clients to know the process of obtaining necessary materials or the lead times involved. Lead times are the time it takes to get materials after ordering them, and they can be as short as the next day or as long as two or more months, depending upon the selections. We’re familiar with material lead times and base our schedule of selections on these key considerations.

In the event that these selections are becoming overwhelming, no problem! Raugstad Inc. has worked with many experienced interior designers on previous projects, and we would be happy to refer you to them.

Step 5: Construction

Now that selections are being made, materials are being ordered, and construction has gotten underway, you can start to see your dream home take shape. We welcome you to come visit the site as often as you desire; in fact, we encourage it! Watching your home being built from start to finish is an amazing experience that you will never forget.

Step 6: Final Stage

After construction is finished and we’re granted final occupancy from your village or city, we’ll hire a team of professional cleaners to remove all construction debris. Once this cleaning is complete, your home is ready for you to move in! But don’t worry, we promise not to vanish after you move in. We provide every client with a 1-year Home Warranty that will make you feel even more confident in the quality of our work. In the unlikely event that a problem does occur, we’re always just a phone call away.

At Raugstad Inc., we take pride in our work. We’re confident that your new Raugstad-built home will provide you and your family with a foundation to make many wonderful memories.

-Your builder, Raugstad Incorporated